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Leanne Hanson is an accidental poet, a deliberate editor and a dedicated teacher.  She despises censorship and passionately believes that art should be shared with people of all backgrounds, irrespective of whether or not they can afford it.  She also wishes that people who could afford it would recognise that artists deserve to be paid commensurate to your enjoyment -- in other words, sample all you like but if you do like it, remember that artists also love to eat.  

Leanne is a highly successful literacy and numeracy teacher who specialises in designing programmes to increase student engagement across all learning areas, embedding the capabilities required for young people to navigate the future.  She is a Mission Specialist at and an administrator at The Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

DISCLAIMER:  Unless specifically referenced, all works herein are fictional.  Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.  

WE are about helping learners and leaders know HOW to think beyond tomorrow so we can thrive today: Education . Work . Life

Workshop. Learn. Read poems.  Argue about poems.  Enjoy yourself.  Join up today at Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

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