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I am a nationally-recognised literacy and numeracy specialist teacher and member of the Australian Training Awards VET Alumni. It is my pleasure and privilege to engage teenagers and adults in learning across several subject areas using an holistic, empowering student-focussed approach.  I employ current, peer approved methods and concepts to learning and contribute regularly to research and discussion in the international education community.

I am a Senior English/ Film & Media teacher and since 2013 have worked in an adult education environment.  My specialty  is youth re-engagement  and I have had particular success with diverse learning solutions, especially for ASD, ADHD and other neurodiversities. 

I use both electronic and paper-based methods to enhance literacy and numeracy skills across a wide variety of subject areas including English, humanities, mathematics, science, technology, personal development and financial literacy.  My teaching strategies are based on a combination of classroom teaching experience, peer engagement, contemporary educational theory and best practice models.  

I emphasise critical thinking and encourage all my students to consider themselves lifelong learners who are responsible for their own successes.  

I strongly believe in the power of personalised, valid and relevant student-centred learning.  I am a regular participant in education futures workshops and work actively in a number of online and offline communities to encourage the transformation of education internationally.

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