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My own tune

"You should turn this into a song."

"But it's not a song, it's a poem. What's wrong with it being a poem?"

"Nothing's wrong with it being a poem, it's just that more people listen to songs."

"Well maybe if people stopped expecting poems to be turned into songs, more people would read poems."

"But you don't have to read a song, you just have to listen to it."

"Don't you think it's pretty sad that people want all the work done for them? When you read a poem you find your own music."

"If it's a song you don't have to, it's all done for you. Don't you want more people to know about your poetry?"

"Yes. Just not as songs."

"You could be famous though. I'm just saying."

"Whatever. There had better be wine left in that bottle, because if it's empty I'm clubbing you with it."

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