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NaPM 2016 Day 4

Topic 04: Poems inspired by the French phrase "entre chien et loup" which is a phrase that loosely translate to "between a wolf and a dog" and is used to describe that time at twilight when it can be difficult to distinguish between a wolf and a dog or a situation when it is difficult to tell when something is benevolent or dangerous. Write a poem inspired by this. Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more

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He is working tonight. He works every night, has done for some time, a new job, the details escape me. I am not too good with details, you know. He tells me so. I think he likes it. He comes home tired, but so excited. Most nights, he smells of soap. His fingernails are always clean. He cares how he looks for me. All for me. If I had to guess? Well, I'd suggest an abbatoir, perhaps. It's physical, he says, and sometimes things don't go as planned. He's tough, my man. And just last night, I saw a bit of something on his shoe. A shine that looked like blood. A bit of skin. I didn't ask. I don't. He doesn't tell, just loves me well.

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