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NaPM 2016 Day 3

Topic 03: A poem inspired by "Danse Macabre" in the traditional sense as defined by google: a medieval allegorical representation in which a personified Death leads all types of people to the grave, intended to emphasize the equality of all before death.

Form : any

Line requirements: 8 lines or more

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Danse-off Grim came knocking on my door the other night, but I’d had a drink and was ready for a fight. When he said “come” I was ready with an answer – you all know drink makes you such an awesome dancer. “Outside, bony, we’re gonna have a dance off.” ”Fine with me – you gonna do it with your pants off?” Seemed a little cold so I got into my trackie, had a last drag on my final bit of ‘baccy, found some beats, started shakin’ this fine booty, Death just watched – he was looking kind of snooty, I boogied old-school, did the robot, did a spin, thanks to the vodka, I was due a vicious win -- ended it with jazz hands, just to be a bit ironic, changed the beat and suddenly old Bones went supersonic. Man, he was hippin’, he was hoppin’, he was jumpin’, he’s poppin’ suicides, the beat was really thumpin’, then he’s hit the ground in a spin and tried a freezer, that’s when it all came apart for that old geezer -- off came his skull, bounced and smashed against a rock, and that’s why a skeleton shouldn’t pop and lock.

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