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NaPM 2016 Day 6

Topic 06: a poem inspired by the euphoria of the first time you do something (sex, love, drugs, poetry) or possibly inspired by the longing for recapturing that feeling of the first time

Form : any

Line requirements: 8 lines or more

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Sunrise Perfectionism does not lend itself much to euphoric moments. Every first is flawed, and every retry admits fault. My voice sounds like her voice now. At least I try to say different words, but even in that I fail. My milestones were cracked, mazed with veins of disdain, disapproval, her presence, then his. His was worse, because I chose it. He took from me a wedding day, births of children, bright hours and best years. When I closed that door, his voice remained; hers returned. Then I heard yours, and it was louder. You spoke to me of joy and I believed you. Let it in, strange and new. You saw the cracks and didn't add to them, just nodded and carved new stones. Each touch, still, is a thrill I never thought to feel. Every first breaks bonds to the past. I welcome every sunrise as the first time I will spend that day with you.

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