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NaPM 2016 Day 14

Topic 14: With April the 14th here it is sure to be the anniversary of some battle, war, conflict, etc. Write a poem inspired by a battle, war, conflict, etc.

Form : any

Line requirements: 8 lines or more

War Games

We are the genetic dispossessed, born not of man and woman, but of graft and gutter; we are blown upon your draft and rooted in the mud. We manifest in khaki dreams of dark, forbidden breast and echo on your screens. You used to craft a turban from a towel – oh, how you laughed and called us names. Would you have ever guessed that when you’d grown, the names would be the same? But not in jest -- in ridicule and shame. Did you imagine children in the sand with castles made of bone, a rousing game of Blind Man’s Buff, or Little Lucy’s Lame? It’s your turn at the dice: hold out your hand.

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