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NaPM Day 2

Topic 02: Write a poem inspired by a hard truth (something true that people often don't like to admit). Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more


The Fallen Muse

The Queen of Hearts, they called her. Headlines wrote themselves; the tabloid papers would devote at least an inch each morning to her shoes and made of her a goddess. Should their muse walk down a street, she had "the common touch", although she didn't touch the poor too much unless a camera waited. She would pose and look down her aristocratic nose at those whom she would never see again, and smile. Sometimes she'd take a mother's wean to make herself look caring. Those would sell her image best; such acts would help dispel the rumours of affairs. A woman must appear as the Madonna -- if her lust got out of hand, the peasants would not buy the paeans of the Sun. Oh, Lady Di: not even still a princess when she died, but just some Arab playboy's latest ride.

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