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What happened to quality journalism? The truth will shock you.

You want to see quality journalism returned to the world? Make a conscious decision to stop clicking on any headline that ends with some variation of "and then something amazing happened"* or "the truth will shock you"*. These are invariably links to user-generated content that requires no journalism whatsoever to locate, just the ability to click and scroll through endless Youtube videos, Vimeos and social media posts. Any schoolkid could do that. (*Spoiler alert: it's not amazing and you won't be shocked).

And while you're falling for clickbait and the advertising dollars are piling up, how many real journalists have been silenced? How many investigations into genuine issues that are truly in the public's interest to know about are being shut down, shunted aside, undermined or shelved as unfinancial?

How many journalists are starving, even dying, for your thousandth video today of a boy being hit in the nuts with a skateboard? I hope you enjoy your four hundred "most feel-good video ever" clicks. While you're making yourself a profitable target for marketing, your right to information is being incrementally removed.

Stop spouting rhetoric like "you can't trust journalists these days" and start holding the publications to account, rather than the individuals who in many cases genuinely want to seek out truth. You feel betrayed by the media? It's just responding to what you want, because what you want is making it millions of dollars.

There are great journalists out there. There are excellent investigations underway. If you can't find them in "mainstream media", seek them elsewhere instead of helping bury them under kitten pics and Kardashian arses.

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