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NaPM Day 5

Here's the prompt for Day 5 of the National Poetry Month poem-a-day challenge on Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

Topic 5: Write a poem inspired by a myth retold to exist in the modern day. Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more


Actaeon Guild When cast beneath the eyes of a man, a woman's virtue falls from her. The greater the man, the harder her fall; waist high is the new sky. Every nymph is naked in his regard. They frolic and laugh before the gaze of the adoring skies, yet one day his eyes turn upon the goddess. Flesh we are, and flesh you shall be. She calls on powers long dormant, near forgotten, and he is transformed into prey. Then come his own hounds, hungry. His protests are heard, but only by those who shrink inside their own skins, desperate to avoid being torn in turn. Lest another goddess recall her power, and announce: me too.

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