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NaPM 2018 Day 8

Here's the prompt for Day 8 of National Poetry Month on Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

Topic 8: Write a poem inspired by a set of instructions. Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more



Do not immerse in water, so it said and I, a cynic, naturally read this warning with a laugh and one raised brow -- a quirk I'd practised often -- anyhow I plugged it in. The little light glowed red like Mother's eyes before she'd deftly shred our little sinner hides for filching bread or speaking to the neighbour, Mr Chao: do not immerse Our worlds and theirs should never mix. They spread disease. The tub is full, my clothing shed like Chen's the day we kissed and made our vow to love or leave the world. Well, Chen's gone now. His father and my mother both were bred to not immerse.

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