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NaPM 2018 Day 10

Here's the prompt for Day 10 of National Poetry Month on Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

Topic 10: Write a poem inspired by something illegal.

Form : any

Line requirements: 8 lines or more



When Disney stole our childhood and turned it into a fantasy of rescue and reliance, all costumed in petticoats and dancing to the key of gee whiz, we did not march. We sang along and cheered the prince whose prize was won at the point of a sword, with the touch of the lips. We laughed and aahed as race was reduced to white and other, the brave blond warrior and the dark sorcerer, foreign witch, foolish native. Children murdered pirates, pirates murdered natives, brother turned on brother as a singing fish or dancing bear played counterpoint to the blood. Watch cartoons build empires on stereotype, in technicolor and send them your sweat in dollars so they may raise another castle just don't download it, pirate.

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