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A posteriori

Working on my magnum opus
it occurred to me to look
underneath the creaking floorboards
for my never-written book

Memories have fallen into
crevices that hold them fast
pulped into a parchment record
tiny breaths of dreams long past

Pages form a dark cathedral
though the lock is bright and new
something beckons in those shadows
years dissolve as I pass through

Corridors are deep and twisted
cold as an accuser’s eyes
up ahead the quest light pulses
promising some holy prize

Antechambers filled with wisdom
only seen when left behind
mentors and manipulators
equal builders of the mind

Passage runs in one direction
no return and no retreat
walls behind have turned transparent
taunting forward facing feet

Steps bring changes barely noticed
rippling back through walls and years
as I realise I am altered
my cathedral disappears

Suddenly the room is brighter
sunlight splatters fill the air
frown lines slink away embarrassed
this brow shall not fold with wear

I have left that skin behind me
though the flesh is sweet and raw
shadows will no more define me
they remain beneath the floor

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