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Passing Over

Why is Jesus on the front page
of today's paper, wearing clown shoes
and holding a sign protesting 
against the overuse of onions 
in roadside cafes?

Where is his dignity, and where
are his sandals? Someone broke his heart
and sent it to the Antiques Roadshow, 
complete with provenance, for gilding and
breakfast on live broadcast. His mother,
meaning well, pulled the splinters from his 
palms and left them on her bedside table.

Nobody uses toothpicks anymore. 
Whatever is stuck there, stays
rotting for days, until colonisation is complete.
Jesus watches Big Brother as the next reject
talks about things and stuff and the world 
keeps going into itself, folding, abysmal. 
Trivia is a greasy spoon, an onion Golgotha 
and something that once started with R.


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