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Viral Canzone


And in these electronic days,
we sit up late and bleary-eyed,
lament the lives that we're denied
by lack of time. We dream up ways
to simulate the world outside,
with apps and arses spreading wide
to anchor us in cyber phase.


The virtual reality
of mood-ring tips and what's your sign
and who's your cartoon valentine
and romance via USB
to mutual complacency
consumes us as we freely dine
on pulped-up splats of chicken spine
devolving by online decree.

What once had seemed a passing craze

to fill our time, a harmless ride

across the world is now a slide

unchecked to hand us more delays
to growing up.  We are clichés,

as here within our heads we hide.

The strangers in whom we confide
fulfil desires for endless praise.

And yet take heed: the bourgeoisie

are serfing too, and so the line
is pixelated.  You design

your station here, equality

may yet be actuality

if we but choose to redefine

our thoughts.  Today, I start with mine:

I am the monarch of the sea.


Off with the tops of empty heads;

they must be filled with words of worth.

Go forth, ensure this virus spreads,

and poetry shall rule the earth.

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