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Potatoes of the Night

She wears dew-drop stockings with a gumdrop smile,
Has a soul made of paper, tar and straw,
Worth pennies from the market, nothing more --
Not worth crying for...

He has dragondust eyes and a peppercorn tongue,
With a half-eaten plate of savoir-faire,
And a shelf full of wisdom wash-n-wear,
Never had a care....

They drifted along two cabernet canals,
To the east, to the west and down the drain,
In a sweet spiral dance toward insane --
Sing a bright refrain...

They met in the middle, in a town called Wrong,
On an ice covered street with signs of grey,
They both knew the symptoms right away --
Cue the rondelet...

O happy joy
Now innocence has run away
O happy joy
A simple case of girl meets boy
And boy invites the girl to play
Two cynics met their match today
O happy joy

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