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Gather round children, I'll tell you a fable
of rainbows and roses, a man who was able
to whisper "I do" and then not do at all,
but he'll tell you

how Mummy was silly. Oh, Daddy was grand.
A man works so hard he is right to demand
that Mummy be willing to come when he'd call
and he'll tell you

that each time she cried she was begging for more
and kids, ask your Mum why she walked out the door
and broke up a family, ripped you away --
yes, he'll tell you

those vows are forever; a promise once spoken
must not be forgotten and never be broken,
and look, there's no bruising -- yes, that's what he'll say
but I'll tell you

that magic exists and your lives are enchanted
and when it seems darkest a wish can be granted
and when you find love, it will be with somebody who won't
need to tell you.

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