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Clap Back Rap, or Y'all Sound the Same

all this metrical stuff
it spoils the natural flow
my words would naturally go
to the beat that I make
and I ain't gonna take
all your poetry crap
cos I'm a lyrical dude
and I just wanna rap
yeah I rhyme where I like
and repeat all my words
so they stick in your head
like the feathers on birds
and it mightn't make sense
but I'm just too intense
to pretend that I'm not
and your mama says what
and your daddy's a ho
and I'm natural so
you should listen to me
like the guys on TV
I'm a goddamn ShamWow
how you likin' me now
no I won't punctuate
that's the shit that I hate
all your goosestepping rules
you're all copycat fools
I got no time for tools
I just follow the rhyme
I'm like lemon and lime
it's a lyrical crime
and I'm covered in grime
and I'm swimming in slime
I've got mountains to climb
I've got church bells to chime
Sound of Music is prime
and my mum says it's time
for me to put my computer away and go to bed like a good boy or I won't get any breastfeeding tonight. Sorry.

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