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"...Ms Hanson's work is rooted deep in Australian bedrock. But she does not fear to use her words as rafts to move to other places and times. She touches on Tennyson, Wilde and other literary giants. Moves on to share the conquests of Alexander. Sees a different Helen, another Paris. Even Jimi Hendrix is there. Another dead giant brought back to life by a gifted pen."


"Ghost Dreaming is filled with poems that reward a reader. Each line is carefully thought out and crafted with a photographer's eye and a conductor's ear. You will appreciate the beat. You will appreciate the care with which words are woven. Carefully crafted with an artist's toolbox but accessible to anyone. Prepare to be delighted at the first read, impressed by the second read and ready to fall in love by the third read.."


"Leanne Hanson's skill with the written word is staggering. She has taken poetry and freed it from the dusty shelves with this vibrant and completely unique collection. Exceptionally well written, and at the same time exceptionally readable. There is so much to enjoy in every poem. With titles from "Solar Enigma (with fried eggs)" to the profoundly beautiful "Portrait of Oxygen" Leanne Hanson's skill sounds in every letter. If you buy just one book of poetry, make it this one."


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