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Teachers don't come with capes

I'm actually really sick of all those memes saying things like teachers have bigger hearts than anyone else, or teachers hold students' hands, or all you have to do to teach is care more than anyone else in the whole wide world.

Teaching is an intellectual pursuit. All of that touchy-feely crap just devalues the profession in the same way that going on about how you should care about how long nurses can put the needs of their bladder on hold devalues theirs. Nobody ever raves about the way that lawyers change the lives of their clients because they care so much about them (and I'm sure one of them does...)

I'm not a naturally empathetic person. Dealing with the emotional needs of my students in order that they might find it easier to learn is something that I've studied, because emotions quite frankly confound me most of the time. I just know about cause and response because I pay attention and can figure things out quickly. Contrary to popular memes, teaching is not a "super power" -- it's hard work, the ability to reflect quickly and effectively, and having enough skill to change tactics whenever required. It's making good choices, modelling good behaviour, and being someone worthy of respect. And above all, it's being a professional who doesn't do a good job because he/she cares so much more than anyone else, but because that's what the job is and to do any less would be failing to come anywhere near our own impeccably high standards.

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