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NaPM 2018 Day 16

Here's the prompt for Day 16 of National Poetry Month on Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

Topic 16: Write a poem inspired by the individual, the crowd, or the mob. Form: any Line requirements: 8 lines or more


Festival It is not you who looks at the backs of strangers that block the light from the floods and cast grotesque shadows as they writhe across you your ears are not the ones that resonate with the words from their mouths and yours, so different from the other voice that keeps you away from the noise nor your nose filled with frenzy sweat, smoke and stale piss from the portables, flavoured with beer, hot dogs and denial of years in incontinent desperation You are inside, wrapped tight in your blanket of wishing. And even as you move with the crowd, you close your eyes and believe it a nightmare that you pretend is a dream come true

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