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NaPM 2018 Day 19

Here's the prompt for Day 19 of National Poetry Month on Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

Topic 19: Write a poem using the following ten words: diabolic, tense, chicken, surge, lust, premature, jump, bridge, ring, regard. You can make words singular or plural and change tenses. Form: any Line requirements: 8 lines or more


The Contract

Dear Applicant, In order to properly categorise your request, we ask that you clarify the following: The Object -- While it is understandable that you, in a surge of lust, would wish to possess this woman, we must not be premature. Have you pursued the possibility of relations on your own, or do you truly require our intervention? Understand we are happy to take payment, but please be certain. Our complaints department does not take kindly to frivolous protestations. The Setting -- I am certain you believe that a bridge at sunset is suitably romantic for your conquest, but consider the possible consequence when you emerge from your concealment. It is but a short jump to liberty. In addition, how do you propose to keep the ring intact? Salt and fog are not happy bedfellows, and a chicken does not bleed without leaving a mess such that civic bodies tend to disapprove. The Price -- Our fee is not negotiable. Two souls, to be removed at the moment of contact. The greater the tension, the easier the transfer. Your sense of drama will ease passage of your own, but hers must be taken too in order that the contract be complete. Failure will result in a waiver of your rights and immediate procession to the final stage of the agreement. This is your last opportunity to withdraw your application. With kind regards, His Diabolical Majesty's Head Secretary, Jeff

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