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NaPM 2018 Day 17

Here's the prompt for Day 17 of National Poetry Month on Pig Pen Poetry Workshop.

Topic 17: Write a poem inspired by things we discard. Form: any Line requirements: 8 lines or more



Sometimes -- when I think of it -- I check

labels to make sure of biodegradability. I

don't want to burden the earth more

than I must, but I don't always remember.

I confess, it is this carelessness

that led to investing in a product

entirely unsuitable for consumption.

I believed in redemption, but the

package I once had wasn't worth

recycling. I left it behind and, like the hermit,

borrowed another that I soon outgrew.

They would not decompose, and so,

in deference to the demands

of the earth, I decay instead.

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