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'Tis the season... no, not that one!

It's National Poetry Month (US) again, and time to write a poem a day for the entire 30 days of April. As is traditional, Pig Pen Poetry Workshop is running a free set of forum prompts, with no critique requirements, for all to join in.

This year's prompts are brought to you by the exceptional poet and moderator extraordinaire, Todd Wylie. To take the challenge, you only need to sign up to the workshop. You will not receive any spam emails and there are no ongoing requirements to participate. It's catch free!

Here's Day 1:

Topic: Write a poem where ONLY the title is a cliche. Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more


and my offering:

A drop in the bucket For the glory of the Caliphate they muster under floodlights so the blood upon their faces fills the lens and shows this pre-pubescent cluster as a poster that the infidel embraces In the Western world the journalists hold races to create the sharpest caption, while the edges of the scimitars grow blunt with their disgraces and the mud is thick with excremental pledges Every popup ad for government alleges to be fighting for the Levantines' wellbeing and yet every time a politician hedges about liberty, what is it that he's freeing? On the battlefields the children wield the guns and you show this to your daughters, to your sons

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