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There's no reason in this season

Seems like every Christmas someone trots out stories about an ancient (between 1000 and 1500 years old, so the definition of ancient has become a little fuzzy) Bible being found in Turkey that tells us Christ wasn't crucified (but ascended alive into Heaven while Judas was crucified in his place -- because the Romans weren't paying attention to a whole human-sized UFO apparently, and all Jews looked the same to them) and Barnabas was a beloved disciple of JC (instead of just one of Paul's old school pals who was pretty much living the "I was Molly Sugden's bridesmaid" sketch from Little Britain). I don't know who Barney supposedly replaced -- probably that Thomas jerk.

All these articles tell us that the Vatican is frantic to have this document suppressed because it foretells the coming of the Prophet Mohammed. This has a fairly predictable effect: a whole bunch of Christians start hating on the Middle East (so unusual) and wave their Bibles around as if they're... well, Gospel (even though they're all quite different, thanks to constant revision and translation and just plain censorship), and a whole bunch of atheists start banging on about how "we knew it was bullshit all along and aren't these people stupid for believing in something that doesn't exist -- must be an Illuminati plot."

In the same museum as this...

Seriously folks. If you read something and you instantly have a strong connection or aversion to it, you are being played. Examine your reaction, examine the bias in the text you're reacting to, identify the agenda and don't perpetuate bullshit.

Critical thinking. Don't leave home without it.

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