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NaPM 2016 Day 10

Topic 10: Write a "negative" poem or a poem that defines something or someone or yourself by what it or he or you are not (I am no friend of cats . . .) Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more


I am no kind of saviour I have shorn my own Samson lock and served it up, silver-plattered, to a Bathsheban stand-in starlet waiting in wings of rotten traitor-bearing planks until, pirate-fashion, the hook spikes through necks bared to unremembered never, never agains and hands bleed from crowning thorny heads with silken gloves slid elegantly across throats of rose-petal softness to tie knots in breath-filled memories and caress what should have been As time passes in the belly of the beast and lost children’s stones bring down giants, so must I rest just a while and remind myself that next time I should fire first and keep a blade for my own back

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