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NaPM 2016 Day 15

Topic 15: Today is poet's choice day!! Write a poem inspired by whatever inspires you.

Form : any

Line requirements: 8 lines or more

Get involved for free at

Song Somewhere between the notes that tremble in the throat of some cosmic guitar,

in a far, fireborn galaxy with only one simple sun, a lifegiving aureole,

where the whole of existence resonates with unified melody

and the free stars blink to the backbeat of the most divine drum,

I will hum my life to the primeval mass that swims in a sea of space.

The embrace of this exulted nothingness shall pulse with the blue

that begs to renew the shattered, tatterdemalion desires –

those first fires will rekindle a spark that hid in subsonic ice.

Is the price of a universe too high? Or worse, will the sale be made

and, unplayed, will the planets remain tone deaf and voiceless?

Will I, breathless, be unable to form the tune that lets me stand?

As my hand reaches into the darkness of your unfettered world

I am hurled beyond the song, and can only listen.

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