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NaPM 2017: Day 1

Rules: Write a poem for national poetry month on the topic or form described. Each poem should appear as a separate reply to this thread. The goal is to, at the end of the month have written 30 poems for National Poetry Month. Topic 01: April Fools Day makes me think of Fool's Gold. Write a poem inspired by confusing or misidentifying something or someone. Form : any Line requirements: 8 lines or more

Which Path?

I don't like doctors. The medicine they give me doesn't taste nice, and they never promise me a cure. Just more medicine, and treatment, and even sometimes telling me there's nothing wrong at all. Everything has risks, they tell me. No guarantees. Still, they take my money. What kind of business are they running, where the product could fail even if you follow all the instructions (and who follows all the instructions?) and they still have another pill, another shot. Oh, the shots! Stabs and jabs and lists of risks and no guarantees of an end to disease but a fine white coat and a fancy car and I've been told just who they are: fakes and pharmaceutical shills whose medicine kills or causes such woes, but nobody knows except my homeopath. All her treatments are sugar-coated, sweet and easy to swallow. Why would I follow rules, submit to the tools of scalpel-happy bleeders? All I need is a drop of sympathy, a gentle tea that remembers how to cure from long ago, when remedies were simpler things. No drugs, no cuts, just the power of imagination.

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